bybmg: Wearing Lately March & April 2019

Wearing Lately March & April 2019

I'm BACK with another Wearing Lately post. I feel like every months to two months is a good frequency for these posts. 

It was interesting looking back on what I actually wore these past two months. Now, this isn't every single outfit because you don't want to look at 61 outfits, and I didn't document my outfit every one of those days either. BUT, I did notice a couple themes: black, lots of black, some pops or pink, some blue, a few neutrals, and not much more.  

We have just a few weeks left of the school year, then I'm in full-on summer mode. It may be a good time in the next few weeks for me to take a good look at my closet and pair it down. I have cleaned out quite a bit lately, but I think I could do more.  

Also, I am not going to link every piece I share for the sake of time and because some of the things are old, but I will link some things that I think you would like. The links I do include are affiliate or referral links, meaning I make a small commission or shop credit if you make a purchase through them at no added cost to you.

Here's the start of the black theme! I wore a black LuLaRoe Amelia along with a LuLaRoe Sarah Cardigan. I haven't been wearing my LuLaRoe pieces as much, but the Amelia Dress is really a classic piece. I added tights and ankle booties and some basic jewelry. 

Both of these pieces are from the fall from Old Navy. If you're looking for colored jeans, I love Old Navy RockStars because they usually have a few fun colors each season.

I've found myself in the "athleisure" look a lot lately though I haven't documented many of those outfits. Look for a full post on this coming soon. But it's really been my go-to. I mean leggings and sweatshirts are comfy as all get out. I'm wearing these legging in this picture, but  I've really been digging these leggings from Old Navy and have bought them in a few colors.

This outfit wasn't quite athleisure, but I wore a pair of Old Navy moto leggings and some sneakers plus a tunic on a Monday to school. I really love this tunic, and I used to have it in another color. I'm pondering getting another one again. 

Yep, you're seeing triple! I bought the pants I blogged about here in two more colors! They are SO comfy and I just love them! The company is actually phasing them out, so hop over here and snag some if you want them before they're gone!

My black jeans have also been getting a workout. I wear them probably once a week. I recently got a pair from American Eagle and they're stretchy and wonderful. The thing about black is that it seems to fade, so wearing them a lot also means I will probably have to replace them at some point. Also, I'm not afraid to pair black with brown!

This leopard cardigan is from Target from a few years back and it is a favorite piece. It is thick and cozy but also adds a pop of pattern.  I haven't been able to find anything like it!

I have had these white jeans for years and they were just laid to rest. I was honestly surprised I'd been able to keep them for as long as I did. They got a stain on them I wasn't able to get out and they were beginning to look dingy. I know I probably could have bleached them, but I also wasn't totally in love with their fit, so it will be a quest to find a new pair. I love wearing them with bright tops!

I combined black pants and a black top to make a faux jumpsuit look a couple times, and I really dug it! AND it is much easier to get in and out of than a real jumpsuit!

I also wore this kimono two times with black and pink. It's an older piece from Target a few years ago. If you don't have a floral kimono, it's a great spring completer piece!  I have also been wearing these Rothy Point Flats a lot. Yep, they are pricey, but they are SO comfy (can you tell comfort is a huge thing to me?!)! If you want to get a pair for $20 off, use my link here.

I also have a pair of mustard colored Rothys. They go with a lot of what I have, too! I love a good pop of mustard in an outfit. They were the perfect last minute shoe decision for my dress for Easter from eShatki, too!

I got a lot of compliments on this sweater that I got from Jane via Cents of Style. It was one of those pieces I snagged to refresh my closet for spring, and it is also yellow and purple which means it is school spirit appropriate for Friday!

Also, you may have noticed in a few pictures I am wearing fun pom pom earrings! They're from Dawn Graham Designs and you can use the code BYBMG to get 30% off! They are super light weight and so fun!

Do you notice any patterns in your outfit choices? What is your favorite from the outfits I shared?

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