bybmg: Dear Retailers, What About the Boys Who Like Princesses?

Dear Retailers, What About the Boys Who Like Princesses?


Dear Mass Retailers,

A few weeks ago I took our son Wesley back to school shopping. He told me right off the bat that he wanted a Trolls backpack with Poppy on it and he wanted a Trolls shirt. We hit up Target and found a Poppy backpack right away. Yes, it is hot pink and yes it looks totally feminine, but he just loves it. I was so thrilled! Next, we headed to the boys clothing section and that's when the frustration hit.

First off, there was not a Troll shirt to be found in any section on that day, but then when we started looking around the boys’ section, there was nothing he liked. It was filled with super heroes, sports, Mickey Mouse, Ninja Turtles, and dinosaurs. But what about the boy who loves princesses? What about the boy whose favorite color is purple? What about the boy who wants a shirt with Princess Poppy the Troll on it? Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. We literally sat on the floor of the kids' clothing section while Wesley cried to me that there is nothing here for him and all I could do it hold him and say, "I know, buddy."

We headed to the girls' section... There are girls shirts that have dinosaurs, rocket ships, super heroes. AND there are also girls shirts with every Disney princess you can imagine. But they all have a ruffle peplum, a ruffle sleeve, a thin feminine neckline. Not acceptable to him. He doesn’t want a girl’s shirt, he just likes princesses! My heart was was breaking into pieces for my son.

So, we head to Walmart. The selection is the same. Boys' section is super hero and blue filled. Little girls' section has ruffled princess tees and thin feminine necklines.  Finally we head to the big girls section and find this:

Hallelujah! It's a shirt that doesn't have a ruffle, has a thicker neckline (though still has a feminine cut to the shirt) and we can get it small enough to fit this 3/4T kiddo (And why is he wearing one glove? Because he says Princess Elsa does!).

Dear retailers, it shouldn't be this hard. I know my son is one in a million in so many ways, but I know boys who love princesses, My Little Ponies, and whose favorite color is purple are not one in a million. He wants clothing that reflects his interests without the ruffles, feminine cuts, and thin necklines.

Please help us out. Please balance the gender equity in our kids' clothing.

I see so many t-shirts out there that empower girls encouraging them to be scientists, be brave, be a hero, be a rock star.

But, what about the boys? What about the boys that  love princesses? What about the boys that want to sing and dance and hug?

Please dear retailers, please make clothing that reaches all the kids and values them for who they are, not what society thinks they should be or what society thinks they should like.


A Mom Who Is Struggling

P.S. If you have a son like mine, I did find these tees, too, after a friend helped me scour Amazon. So, maybe that will help you out.

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