bybmg: DIY Interchangable Pom Pom Trim Clutch

DIY Interchangable Pom Pom Trim Clutch


I'm SO excited to share this DIY with you today.  Pom-Poms have been so in lately, and adding them to bags and accessories has been huge, too. I thought it would be fun to make my own version of a pom-pom clutch with a little twist! If you can cut, measure, and glue, you can do this!

I picked up this clutch from Hollar. If you haven't heard of Hollar, it's a deal site where they sell cute little things from toys to accessories for super cheap. This clutch was just $4 and last time I checked it was still there. If you join with my link, you'll get a $2 credit.

I went to my local fabric store and purchased pom-pom trim and Velcro. I am using E-600 glue because I had it around and the direction say it can be used on things such as this. I bet you could use fabric glue or possibly stick on Velcro if you're careful.

First off, I measured the edge of the flap of the clutch. I neglected to do this before I went to the fabric store, so I bought more trim than I needed. If you want to be exact and save some money, measure before you buy the trim. My flap measured about 12 inches.

Then, I cut the pom-pom trim to the same length.

I placed the measuring tape next to the flap again and glued small pieces of  the soft side of Velcro onto the flap at 3 inch intervals since that made it nice and neat. I used the soft side of the Velcro so that if I ever wanted to use the clutch without the trim, I wouldn't have to deal with a scratchy edge.

Then, I glued the opposite scratchy side of the Velcro onto the trim at the same interval of length that the pieces are glue to the flap at. I did the same for the other piece of black pom pom trim as well, using the same scratchy side of Velcro I'd used on the other piece of trim.

Then, all I had to do was let it all dry! I let it dry for a few hours before messing with it much. I think it would be best to let all the pieces dry over night just to be safe. 

Then, tada! Done! This is option one for my clutch!

And this is option two - a little more muted.

I'm so, so, so in love with this little clutch! It's just so fun and versatile, don't you think?!

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