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My Closet Workhorses

The thought of a capsule wardrobe that some bloggers have been talking about really excites me because as I look through my closet, there are pieces I am always coming back to. I have mentioned before, that I've begun to skim The No Brainer Wardrobe. I'm realizing I just need to be more purposeful in my purchases, because the random sale rack finds don't always get worn. Many Goodwill finds look fun, but they often return to the donation pile. Here are some of the pieces that will not be leaving anytime soon.

This mustard cardigan - bless its heart - I should have bought a couple. I wear it probably once a week. It's from Target, so it probably won't last forever, but I LOVE it.  

My advice is look at the colors you normally wear, and find a cardigan or two to compliment that. Cardigans can be worn in so many ways!

I have picked up a few solid-colored tunics, and I also probably wear at least one a week. They are so comfy and they are not clingy in the stomach area where I need a little camouflage. 

I realize this piece is a bit trendy. Leggings are very popular, but even if you have a pair of skinny jeans (coming up next on my list!) you can wear it with that.  Watch sites like for deals on these. I've gotten most of my tunics for less than $20/each.

Dark wash skinny jeans - I have a pair from Gap that I am in love with. They fit well and are comfy all day. I need to get another pair just for when I wear these out! 

I actually got these from They have very gently used clothing for good prices. Once you find a fit of jeans that works for you, I would recommend looking for additional pairs second hand.

These green skinnies were a gold mine find at Goodwill. I feel myself pulling them out of my closet a lot, too, because the color is cheery. I also have a lot of navy tops, and I feel they go well with that.

Again, I realize this is a trendy piece, but I wear them so, so much. Hit the sale racks, and you can usually find a cute pair of these. Gap often has the previous season's items marked down big time. Be patient and you can find a pair in a color you like. 

I am SO happy I splurged (if you call $70 a splurge?!) on these boots. I finally stopped messing around with the man made boots that fall apart. These will last for years, I hope. Next fall/winter, I plan to invest in a quality black pair. 

I bought these boots from They'd been on my wishlist for a while, and one day were marked down. Originally these were priced at over $100, so I'm glad I waited. The middle to the end of winter is a great time to shop for boots, because they are often on sale.

I have also notice that I wear gray or navy tops a lot. I think they just go well with the pop of color I like to add to outfits and they work with the brown boots.

With the frequency that I wear these tees, I usually buy them  at Target. Wear them, wear them out, and watch for when they're on sale to stock up!


Do you notice a theme in my pictures? Green, navy, purple/magenta, and mustard yellow. I need to take note of that and just begin weeding out things that don't fit into that scheme. Just doing this post and looking through recent clothing photos gave me a lot to think about. 

Even if you aren't a fashion blogger, I'd suggest tracking your outfits for a month. Just snapshot what you wear each day, note things you wear frequently, and find items that fit into that color scheme.

What are some of the pieces in your closet that you keep coming back to?

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