bybmg: High Five for Friday!

High Five for Friday!

As opposed to last week, this week did not feel like a Monday every day. Hooray! As always, I'm linking up with High Five for Friday. If you're new here, some of my favorite posts are off to the side along with my social media accounts. I'd love for you to connect with me.


1. I blogged on Monday about a hypothetical conversation I might have while on a coffee date, and then I got to have an actual coffee date with a good friend. Good for my soul.

2. A week from today, I will be in NYC! I know I keep talking about this, but I am so excited!

3. The Polar Vortex is finally gone, and the snow has been melting. It was nice enough this week to go for a walk. Fresh air is glorious!

4. We used some of the money Russ got as a deposit for a wedding videography job this coming summer to buy new lamps for the living room. Target was having a sale + a giftcard deal.

5. Russ made some comment about me getting a lot of boxes in the mail. I can't help myself. I'm trying out Julep just to see what all the fuss is about, though I don't think I can keep up with $20/month. I also just got my March Birchbox. I blogged about my J'Adore Vox Box this week. We love boxes around here. (Yep, a couple of those are referral links.)

How was your week?

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