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What I Wore Wednesday

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.

The lighting in our room is terrible. I think even more so in the new spot I try to take pics since we moved our bed around. So, sorry... 

Maxi Dress - Old Navy

Scarf - Gap

This is what I wore Sunday to church. I'm trying the whole flip the hangers backwards and try to figure out what I wear/don't wear. This top may be on the way out. 

Top - Old Navy
Tank Top - Old Navy
Pink Skinnies - Target
Shoes - Black Glitter Toms (which now have a hole in the toe. Boo.)

It's homecoming week at school.  It was team spirit day. Did you know my hubby and I work in the same building? Yep! He took this pic of me on the way out on Monday. 

Jersey - MN Twins!
Navy Top - Gap

Jeans - Old Navy with lace added by me. What do you think of it? The jury is still out in my mind.
Shoes - Toms

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