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What I Wore Wednesday

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.

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It's officially summer vacation here. School is out and although I was on maternity leave for the end of the year, since school is actually out, Russ is home (He's a teacher, too!). Henry is home from daycare for summer; he'll still go one day a week most weeks though. It's really a struggle to get motivated to not wear sweats all the time, but like my friend, Shelby, said, maxi skirts are basically sweatpants, so you'll see me in a lot of those or shorter versions of them.


Shirt - Dave Matthews Band (old)
Skirt - Old Navy
Sandals - AE
Bracelet - Groop Dealz

Friday - Don't mind my wet hair! I didn't get a chance to get a full outfit shot, but Russ snapped this pic of Henry and me making Fruity Pebbles rice kirspy treats. Wow, were they good! They lasted barely a day in our house, mostly because of me. :/

This shirt is so fun, though, so I had to share it. It says Urban Farmer. I'll have to share our little garden and compost on here sometime this summer. The tee is from Locally Grown Clothing, a cute business based out of Des Moines. 

Saturday - hanging around the house...we're working on potty training with Henry, so we're not venturing very far away from home. 

Tank - Gap (with a gray one from Forever 21 under)
Skirt - Old Navy
Baby Carrier - Ergobaby Options (though I have no cover on it right now) - how Wesley wanted to sleep that morning

I'm struggling with my hair. It's getting to the long stage where I can pull it back very easily. It's a double edged sword because when it gets to this length, it doesn't curl well, so I pretty much always pull it back. I need hair advice, or someone to come show me how to do my hair well. I don't like to spend a lot of time on it. HELP?!

Scarf - Pick Your Plum
Gray Tee - Gap
White Tank - Ann Taylor
Pink Crops - Target
Flats - Aldo

Monday - That's right, I'm barefoot, again. We hung around the house a lot!
Tank - Old Navy
Scarf - DIY bybmg
Crops - Thrifted - Gap

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