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What I Wore Wednesday

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I don't know how long I can continue the "I'm in the fourth trimester" claim. I do have a couple pairs of jeans that actually fit, so I feel like I'm doing well!

Wednesday - I think I went out to Target...that's my pit stop lately. Diapers, nursing pads, pull ups - gotta love that place.

Sweatshirt - Old Navy - I got this in the navy stripe, and had to get another. I'm in love. It's so comfy! If I lack self control another day, I may buy another one!

Jeans - Thrifted - Gap

Shoes - Ash Gray Toms (I basically live in these.)

 Thursday - I wasn't going anywhere! This is MAY 2 in I think the weather said 10+ inches of snow fell, but only 2 stuck. This is definitely more than 2 inches stuck to our picnic table out back. Thank goodness it's all gone and we're back to 70s this week.

Friday - Out again... Quick trip to the mall

Shirt - Thirfted - Gap

Cardigan - Gap

Skinny Jeans - Old Navy (Secret---these don't button I am wearing a Be Band (Target's Bella Band))

Necklace - Fossil

Shoes - Toms  (This is the first pair I got about 1.5 years ago. They are starting to get a hole in the toe. I love the colors too much to ditch them. I hope to fix the hole sometime.)

Saturday - Off to visit my friend Beth and her sweet baby boy, Gregory, in the hospital. He and Wesley are going to be such great buddies!

Shirt - Gap

Jeans - Thrifted - Maurices

Shoes - Aldo

Sunday - Church

Top - Old Navy

Tank underneath - Forever 21

Red Skinnies - Old Navy ... cough... Maternity ... cough... (So I said I had all my maternity clothes packed away, but I forgot these and another pair were in the dryer. I don't want to make my dear husband climb up top to the garrage loft where the tubs are stored to put them back yet. They may make an appearance every once in a while. I love colored skinnies, but I don't have any non-maternity pairs. I don't want to buy any until later... probably late summer.)

Sandals - Old Navy

Necklace - Lia Sophia

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  1. You always look adorable! And don't feel embarrassed for wearing maternity pants! I'm 3.5 YEARS post-partum and one of my pants is still technically maternity just because of the waistband--nothing about them feels or looks maternity though. And while I'm thinking about it, a couple of my shirts and sweaters are technically maternity also but they fit perfectly fine even without the preggy belly!


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