bybmg: What I Wore Wednesday - Fourth Trimester

What I Wore Wednesday - Fourth Trimester

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So I've been pondering how long I can claim this fourth trimester thing, and it occurred to me that a trimester is 12ish weeks...(duh, Becky). So, I guess I'll keep the claim going until then. I'm feeling pretty good about where my body is after 7 weeks. I can fit into some of my pants without the nice little hair tie/button hole loop method. I have many stretchy skirts, and it's summer time! I don't have to work, so I can relax!

Thursday - I went back to school to introduce my students to Wesley and wish them a great summer. Also had my doctor check up. My weight is looking pretty good compared to where it was before I got pregnant, so I feel good about that. No need to discuss numbers. :)

Chambray shirt - Target
Green tank (which you can't really see) - Target
PINK ankle skinnies - Target
Sandals - Zulily


Tank - Old Navy
Cardigan - Old Navy
Skinnies - Old Navy

Scarf - Gap

Shoes - Toms (see my big toe peeking out?!)


Eyelet Top - Old Navy (new! on sale for $6!)
Pants - Gap
Shoes - Target
Bracelet - bybmg

Russ thought it would be funny to capture me capturing my outfit. I was not too excited about it, but you can't tell by the photos he took.

Now it's officially ENDLESS WEEKEND a.k.a. summer vacation. The challenge is not to be in sweats every day! We'll see what next weeks WIWW looks like.

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