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What I Wore Wednesday


This is my second week participating in What I Wore Wednesday! It's been fun and a little motivating to get myself dressed each morning.

Thursday - Black Pants...
So I said last week, I was trying to stay away from the black pants and basic top teacher look. I gave in to that Thursday because I was just too darn tired! I tried to spice it up a bit. Best thing about this outfit is the shirt. It was one I bought after Henry was born when I was in that awkward trying to get out of maternity clothes phase. Well, when bringing in tubs of clothes for baby #2, I found it in the bottom along with a couple other shirts! It works wonderfully for a maternity shirt! Score!

Earrings - from a clothing/jewelry swap I participated in a few years ago - I'd love to do that again, so anyone around here, get one started!
Scarf - Old Navy
Top - Target - Mossimo
Pants - Thrifted, but they're Motherhood Maternity
Black Bracelet - GroupDealz
Silver Bracelet- TJ Maxx
Shoes - Aldo

Friday! Teacher work day, so I didn't sport the usual Friday purple (school color)
You may also notice as time goes on that MANY of my clothes come from Old Navy. They're cute, affordable, and I have a Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic card, so free shipping + rewards = me buying a lot from them.

Sweatshirt - Old Navy
Tank - Old Navy Maternity
Jeans - Thrifted, but Old Navy Maternity
Necklace - Pretty Promenade
Shoes - Ash Gray Toms

You'll notice as we get into warmer weather, I wear Toms a lot. I own (counts in her head) 5 pairs. They are comfy and I just love them plus they have a good cause behind them! Did you know Toms came from "Shoes for Tomorrow" not a guy named Tom? I just got my husband his first pair for Christmas, and he now understands my obsession. Also, if you haven't visited my Etsy store, I have a line of items made from the flag bags that come with each pair of Toms. Now that people know I do this, they happily donate their flag bags to me, so my supply keeps flowing!

Straight Hair Sunday! - Had some extra time, so I figured I'd straighten the hair. This doesn't happen often! Don't mind the mess on my dresser!

Scarf - super sale at Target
Top - Old Navy Maternity
Red Skinnies - Old Navy Maternity
Bracelet - NY & Co (I think...although Henry stretched it out at church, so I may not be able to wear it again)
Shoes - Aldo

Happy Monday! Making the straight hair last another day thanks to dry shampoo!

Scarf - Early b-day gift from the hubby! He's a great Etsy shopper! All my gifts are from there this year.
Tank - Ann Taylor
Cardi - Gap
Purple Skinnies - Gap Maternity
Boots - Payless
Earrings - Lia Sophia
Beaded Bracelets - Gift from a student a while back
Gold Link Bracelet - Clothing/Jewelry swap

Tuesday - I realized you can't see the colors of the outfit very well. Our bedroom has poor lighting.

Necklace - craft fair
Black Belt - Forever 21
Blue Dress - Ross
Gray Cardi - Old Navy
Black Leggings - Wal - Mart
Boots - JCP

Today! It's my birthday! The big 2-9!

Scarf - Forever 21 (wore 2 times in 1 week...ooops!)
Cardigan - Old Navy (also a repeat...)
Tunic Tank - Motherhood Maternity
Leggings - Kohls
Boots - Payless
Watch - Relic
Bracelet - DIY bybmg!

BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!  If you've read this far, lucky you! Like my Facebook page and I'll draw tonight for $10 to my Etsy store to celebrate!


  1. Happy Birthday! Such cute outfits -- you've {almost} inspired me to try bright colored pants!

  2. Just try one pair! You don't have to go crazy and buy a ton like I did. =)

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Your outfits are adorable!


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